Gear Insider: Bauer nexus 1000 Shin Pads


As Bauer continue to impress us with state of the art protection, the Nexus 1000 shin pads have emerged as one of the best pieces of kit on the market. Lightweight, comfortable, reliable, and stylish, the Nexus 1000 shin pad is shaping to become the next big thing in protection.

Bauer continues its tradition of the ‘chunky’ style with a wider more traditional outer shell which offers maximum 360 degree protection whilst remaining lightweight. The culmination of years of taking the best technologies out of previous ranges of gear has produced armour you can bet your life on.

The new fully adjustable and removable strap system has been engineered to give the user a lot more freedom when securing the pads to give a whole new level of comfort. Several slots down each side of the pad enable the user to take the Velcro straps and Velcro anchors and move them up and down the pad to achieve the perfect level of comfort. The calf wrap strap also assists in locking the pad to the leg, ensuring no twisting or movement during the game and no more miles of sock tape!

The removable pro air mesh adjustable inner lining provides an excellent cushioning layer and the floating knee cup provides A Grade support for your knees. He hydrophobic anti bacterial lining in the removable inner pad also helps with keeping that nasty hockey smell at bay. Being removable also means its easy to care for your gear and washing becomes a breeze, so guys and girls, no more excuses for stinky shin pads!

The protection offered through the knees with extended dome protection means taking a knee never felt better and as with some of the previous models, the Nexus 1000 shin pads also have the adjustable thigh guard for added protection in the small area where you always seem to take a puck… Just above the knee and just below the bottom of your pants. With this taken care of, you can get out there with maximum confidence that you are fully protected as you go into battle.

I have found that with the generous width of these pads that they are perfectly suited for use as a defenceman standing up and taking shots on the legs. We have all been there, puck comes across for the quick shot and as you turn to face up, the puck manages to hit you in the side of the leg. Gone are the bruised calves, ice packs and pain of stopping shots on your legs. The Nexus 1000 shin pads have you covered. I have switched over to the Nexus 1000 shin pads and have taken numerous pucks, sticks and even a few skates to the legs since strapping them on, and I have not felt a thing or had any problems. Sturdy, lightweight, and fully adjustable, these shin pads have proven to be number 1 for protection, style and comfort.

Overall, as shin pads go, these are the absolute best of the best in this reviewer’s eyes. I would have to rate them 9/10.

These shin pads are designed to cater for top end players and such, carry a more expensive tag than some other gear does, so if you are just starting out, don’t think you have to get the gear the pro’s use. Once you find your skates and become more involved and skilled within the sport, you can then start looking at the higher end gear and start enjoying all the features they provide.

Stay tuned for the next review as I will be giving up the inside deal on some great new gear, perfect for those who are getting into the sport!

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