Best Hockey Mouth Guards

A sports mouth guards is extremely important for individuals involved in competitive sports like hockey, football, boxing, polo, etc. where there is always a risk of injury. These pieces of equipment are made of plastic that is resilient and provides protection to the users gums, teeth, and bones. When you wear a guard, it protects your lips, teeth, and cheek by absorbing the blow that may come to your mouth or teeth.

If you’re looking for a trusty product of this nature but don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll give you a roundup of our selection of 10 best mouth guards available in the market and why you should check them out.

Top 10 Hockey Mouth Guards in 2018

1. SISU Mouth Guard 1.6 mm

SISU Mouth Guard 1.6 mm
Coming second in our list is this product from SISU, which has been tried and tested to be extremely effective on usage. This mouth guard is ideal for many types of contact sports including hockey and Derby skating. Like the previous product, this one is also available in many exciting color options.

Best features

· This mouth guard promises to provide unmatched comfort and uncompromising durability thanks to its high-tech thermoplastic material

· The design aspect is a remarkable as it is super slim and ultralight, yet provides 8x more tensile strength than ordinary mouth guard materials

· It can be quickly molded into the shape of your mouth and teeth to provide complete protection that does not get messed up in any way

· It is made in the USA and FDA approved

Customer opinion and verdict

Nothing much has to be said about the fidelity of this product as it has a tremendous rating of 4.3/5 stars on People who are used to using bulky mouth guards are in awe after using this product and how easy it is to put it on.
Not only will you get complete protection from impact, but talking and drinking is also a piece of cake. Get this mouth guard with your eyes closed as it’s available at an extremely reasonable price tag.
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2. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard
Sleek and elegant, this product made by Shock Doctor is available in both strapped and strapless versions. Intended to provide complete protection of the mouth and jaw from sports -related injuries, this product promises to provide superior comfort and protection than many other competitors in the market.

Best features

· Even though simplicity is the USP for this item, it does infuse shock absorbing bumper to provide that extra edge of flexibility

· It is light in weight and offers greater protection due to its dual composite construction that’s exclusive to this brand

· There are shock absorbing jaw pads that are excellent in deflecting impact and vibrations that may arise out of many sports

· This product is even available for children under the age of 10

Customer opinion and verdict

Users have posted great reviews on saying this mouth guard not only lives up to expectations but also exceeds them. It provides fantastic breathability, doesn’t make the lips stick out, and is perfectly comfortable to wear. No wonder it has a rating of 4/5 stars and over 700 customer reviews.
This product is a great buy in both strapped and strapless variants, so go ahead and take your pick right now.
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3. Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard (2-Pack)

Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard (2-Pack)
Coming from the company that is in famous for making the Oxygen Lip Protection mouth guard, this new variety is here to shake up the industry! Yes, not only will this mouth guard keep your mouth, teeth, and you’re protected, but will also intimidate the wits out of your opponent.

Best features

· The design aspect of this product is something to boast of as it’s made in the shape of fangs to intimidate opponents

· The mouth guard is available in different colors that all look good despite the fang design that stands out

· It can molded as much as 11 times so that you get many chances to find the optimum fit

· This is a mouth guard that should work well for athletes in high contact sports who play with or without braces

Customer opinion and verdict

This is another highly selling product on Amazon having overall good reviews from more than 200 customers. What makes this a value for money purchase is that you get 2 mouth guards and 2straps in every pack, in addition to $ 30,000 into warranty backed by an industry-leading company.
If you’re short on funds but still wouldn’t like to miss out on any of the fun, then this product should be ideal for you.
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4. Shock Doctor Max AirFlow Lipguard

Shock Doctor Max Airflow  Lipguard
This product is as stylish as mouth guards could ever be and it comes with almost a dozen color patterns and camo designs. As far as flexibility and level of protection is concerned, they are top notch as well.

Best features

· This product is actually a lip guard that’s been made from medical grade silicone and can adapt to all shapes and sizes

· It has maximum airflow breathing channel that doesn’t prohibit breathing in any way

· Comes with quick release tether for user-friendly usage with both strapped or strapless variants

· Meets NFHS rules

Customer opinion and reviews

Shock Doctor seems to be the undisputed leaders when it comes to designing mouth guards, and this product just adds another feather in the cap. This item has sold well and has earned good reviews from people on for being versatile and highly stylish in finish. Go ahead and try this out for yourself because it’s priced extremely cheap.
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5. SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4 mm

SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4 mm
As we complete our list halfway, SISU makes another comeback with their optimally priced, simplistic mouth guard that’s fantastic for getting the job done. This product is available in many colors on which the price depends, and you’re likely to find one of your own that matches your style and personality.

Best features

· The most striking feature of this item has to be its small size that offers “more protection – less mouth guard”

· It gives you the optimum comfort, hygiene, and flexibility to talk, breed, and drink freely

· As far as production is concerned, your teeth, mouth, and jaw is perfectly protected by the perforated material that easily distributes impact force

· it also comes with custom, re-moldable fit with great tensile strength to keep you safe under all circumstances

Customer opinion and verdict

This is easily one of the best products available in the market right now and Amazon speaks no different. With an average rating of 4.3/5 stars from over 130 customer reviews. Users have praised this product
because of its small size and greater degree of protection, which makes it perfect for even MMA.
If you’re looking to use this mouth guard piece for hockey, rest assured you have come to the right place.
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6. Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit

Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit
This nifty piece of protective gear makes a mark for itself not only with its attractive colors, but with the brand value of Under Armour. Anyone who is familiar with sports equipment and safety gear in America has heard about this company, and we rightly have only good things to speak of about this product.

Best features

· This mouth guard is fitted and strapless; it sits perfectly close to your skin for an optimum streamlined fit without squeeze of compression

· This piece is not only meant for hockey but can protect your mouth and jaw in all types of contact sports

· Thanks to the new ArmoutFit technology, you’ll get a custom dentist like fit along with excellent readability and chew resistance that will allow you to talk freely

Customer opinion and verdict

If the highly sought after features stated above were not enough, know that you get a dental warranty worth $ 32,000 with every purchase. Even though few people have complained that the material is too thick for comfort, most of the reviews on sway towards the highly ‘Highly Positive’ mark.
Take a look for yourself, scroll through the reviews, and then decide whether if this is a worthy purchase.
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7. Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion

Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion
As the name implies, this product from Shock Doctor places a lot of emphasis on the taste. Currently, you can buy this mouth guard in flavors such as mint, bubblegum, blue raspberry, orange, fruit punch, and lemon lime. Excited enough already? Well, the best features are still to come.

Best features

· Get the best of Gel Max performance fit infused with the company’s exclusive Flavor Fusion feature for optimum comfort and feeling

· The triple layer design ensures that your mouth and jaw is protected from heavy impact coming out of different types of contact sports

· The high-impact shock absorption aspect deflects almost all types of impacts

· The Exoskeleton Shock Frame is yet another bonus that makes this product stand out
from the rest from the market

Customer opinion and reviews

If you’ve taken an interest in this product, then you likely know something about flavored mouth guards. Well, be ready to get blown away once you put this on because it is indeed worth the hype. More than the efficiency, people on praised this item due to its ease of use and flavor varieties.
With an average of 3.8/5 stars, this product might just be what you’re looking for at a reasonable budget.
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8. Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible
This product has been created by one of the finest companies in the sports kit segment and is available in sizes for both youths and adults. What sets apart this mouth guard is that the company has placed an enormous importance on making a wide range of colors. As far as the features are concerned, the technology is top notch.

Best features

· Gel Max is easy to wear thanks to the new gel fit liner and manages to provide essential protection thanks to a convertible tether

· The Exoskeletal shock frame of this item has been made of heavy duty rubber to provide maximum protection against impact

· It adapts to the shape and arrangement of your teeth comfortably to provide the perfect fit; breathing is also not an issue as there are integrated breathing channels

· Triple layered mouth guard design provides unparalleled fit and protection that is much superior to standard products

Customer opinion and verdict

This product is highly popular on and has over 360 registered customer reviews. What’s fascinating is that the price range begins really low and goes up quite a lot for guards that are clearly much superior. Need more reasons why you should buy this? Well, try it for yourself and then decide.
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9. Battle 2-Color Mouthguard (2-Pack)

Battle 2-Color Mouthguard (2-Pack)
For something cheap and reliable, you need not look any further than this product by Battle that boasts of having a dozen exciting colors and $ 30,000 worth dental warranty. Proudly featuring the American flag on top, you can stay confident that your patriotic roots never go unquestioned.

Best features

· It is made of EVA plastic that is considered to be the best of its kind

· Get advanced durability and optimum fit as this mouth guard was designed to be re-molded and re-boiled for perfect fit

· The presence of integrated channels have been designed to remain open for you to breathe and talk easy

· Each package comes with two mouthguards of your choice in color and desired size along with two straps

Customer opinion and reviews

Reviews on are mostly positive and we found no reason to distrust this mouthguard. It is available for sale for both youths and adults so go ahead and take your pick and see how it performs for yourself.
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10. Nike Adult Max Intake Mouthguard

Nike Adult Max Intake Mouthguard
Nike is a company that can do without the introduction because it is perhaps the world’s biggest sports equipment and sports gear brand. So, when this brand comes up with a mouth guard you better believe it to be good. But does the Adult Max Intake mouth guard live up to its brand reputation? Let’s find out.

Best features

· This is a product that boasts of being dual density and featuring O-Flow reading channel for maximum oxygen intake

· Comes with a quick release helmet strap

· Has rear drainage channels that maintains hygiene while staying fit and secured to your mouth the entire time

· Carries the brand value of Nike that is formidable

Customer opinion and reviews

Even though we would have liked to place this product higher on our list, some critical aspects prevents us from doing so. Sure, this model might be all that it promises but somewhere along the line it misses out on a comfort factor. It’s not to say that this mouth guard is not comfortable; it just could have been better.
Nonetheless, most users like it and it has an average rating of 4/5 stars on This means the product is more than worthy of purchase.
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