Best Hockey Helmets

If you’re a hockey player, you probably know of the dangers involved in this game. From suffering concussions to getting chronic brain trauma, players have endured and the succumbed to injuries for the sake of the sport. While helmets may not provide 100% protection against all types of injury, it certainly helps add a layer of safety before you skate into the ring.

If you take hockey seriously, then it’s important to invest in the right kind of gear for not only safety but also to excel in the game. This is why we’ve brought you our review of top 10 hockey helmets you can buy
in the market right now. Don’t worry; we cover everything you need to know in brief so that you need not visit other websites and can get straight away to buy.

Top 10 Hockey Helmets of 2018

1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo
Bauer comes back again on our list, and this time with a favorite product that is available in six different color themes. This hockey helmet looks stylish and performs as advertised. It has been built using heavy
duty material that has given the outer shell the best blend of ruggedness and flexibility to stand out on the ice rink.

Because this is a combo helmet, you also get a 2100 face mask as a takeaway. Some of the most important features of this product I mention below.

Features of the product

• Get ultimate protection thanks to the dual density foam and Dual ridge crown

• Comes with integrated ear covers to keep themselves from high-velocity pucks and hockey sticks

• Offers free adjustment facility for maximum customizability and comfortable fit

• Consists of single density chin up embedded with moisture channels to keep your head and face free of sweat

• 2100 face mask enhances vision while adding some style as well

Customer reviews

This product has a rating of 4.3/5 stars on Amazon and 46 customer reviews. Most people have given it full ratings for providing the perfect fit and necessary level of comfort. The top two reviewers have praised
it for offering unobstructed views and the desired level of comfort. You hardly find any positive reviews of this product because it is simply that good.

What’s our say?

All the incredible ratings and reviews the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo has got should be enough to speak for its efficiency and popularity. Might we add anything else? Well, as a bonus you also get this hockey helmet at a price that is close to impossible to beat. So what are you waiting for? Get going and place your order right now.
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2. Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet

Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet
Targeted at entry-level skaters, this helmet comes with a highly affordable pricetag and with almost all the bells and whistles of a professional grade product. This is meant to be used for very casual, non-contact
hockey games where risk of suffering injury is very less. This helmet combo is a compelling purchase if you consider the dual density foam and other features that come packed with it.

This is a decently productive helmet and mask combination that offers excellent sightlines with Optimized vision design profile. This means there is very little to no chance of you missing site of the hockey puck
while wearing it.

Features of the product

• Provides excellent game day protection that far exceeds quality expectations

• The world density foam and Dual ridge crown make for the perfect combination

• Integrated ear covers is yet another feature that can prove to be highly useful

• Built for comfort and flexibility, this helmet comes offering F.A.S.T. adjustment

• Offers customized fit, 2100 face mask, and is CSA, CE, HECC certified

Customer reviews

In terms of popularity, the Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet is definitely ahead than the first product on our list. There is a total of 83 customer reviews on and an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. Most
people are exceedingly happy after using the product and have praised it for being perfect in size as well as in fitting.

Plus, the low price comes as a bonus and makes it suitable for both amateurs and rising stars of today.

What’s our say?

We say you go for it! Don’t think twice; just go for it. There is an extremely slim chance that you may not get your money’s worth, but then again there is always a slim chance of everything going wrong.
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3. Warrior Krown LTE

Warrior Krown LTE
This product is one-of-a-kind and is an upgraded version of its previous launch that consisted of almost all the same features. Apart from the stylish visuals, the main factor that sets apart this helmet from others is
its four piece Shell and liner combination that truly makes way for perfect fit unlike any other. As far as features are concerned, you’ll find plenty to be excited about.

Of course, the Warrior Krown LTE Helmet and Face Mask Combo add even more value for money factor by including the face mask. So, not only will your head be more secure once you step into the rink, but your style factor will also be blowing over the roof.

Features of the product

• Offers 4-play adjustment system that is a welcome feature

• The four piece Shell combines perfectly with liner to provide the ideal 360 fit for every shape and size

• Your head gets optimum protection thanks to the presence of EPP protective foam liner

• The foam protection has been strategically placed and is of dual density variety

• Presence of comfort foam pads provide extra cushioning and better fit stability

• This piece is certified by CSA, CE, HECC

Customer reviews

This product has a rating of 4.8/5 stars on, but unfortunately with only just six customer reviews. We don’t know why this model isn’t popular yet, but it looks like it certainly about to pick up pace.
B.conner has praised the helmet for fitting his rather “huge head” and not pinching or causing headaches. Bryz30 also talks about the comfort aspect of this helmet and why he recommends it.

What’s our say?

If it hasn’t become clear by now, we say that you go ahead and buy this by all means! This is the reason the putting this product by Warrior the first on our list. You are entrusted with maintaining safety as well as spreading the word about how good this product truly is.
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4. Warrior Krown 360

Warrior Krown 360
Warrior makes a comeback in our list with another fantastic product that is meant for the masses. Keeping the price at a highly optimum level, this helmet brings the reputation which the company holds so dearly along with technology for best fit and protection. It is available in four different colors so that you can pick and choose the one you like the most.

Specification -wise, this helmet model as impressive as it gets because it has been custom designed to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

Features of the product

• The helmet consists of four piece Shell along with liner converge that creates a true 360-degree fitting

• The unique single dial adjustment system lends a greater flexibility to allow you to get the perfect fit

• Thanks to Impax phone technology, the helmet offers strategically placed 3D foam that is focused on reducing the impacts player experience

• Consists of EPP high-impact protective foam liner for additional comfort and security

• Meet the guidelines set by CSA, HECC, and CE

Customer reviews

The Warrior Krown 360 hockey helmet has an average rating of 3.8/5 stars on and seven customer reviews. Most people who claim to have had a positive experience using this hockey helmet have left long reviews, praising this model’s effectiveness in protecting their heads from a concussion
and other impact related issues.

However, some people have run into difficulties with finding the perfect size as this helmet turned out to be smaller than expected. It will be a decision if you pick out the sizes carefully before buying.

What’s our say?

This helmet is every bit as good as some of the other ones we’ve mentioned in our review. Moreover, you get the assurance of Warrior, which is a reputed company that is now rising to popularity. Buy it with your eyes closed if you’re looking for an amateur grade hockey helmet.
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5. Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard

Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard
As the name implies, this helmet is a two in one package. Along with a sturdy quality helmet, you get a full wire face guard that’s ready to protect you from different kinds of impacts. Mylec is not much of a renowned name in the sports gear industry, but this company is showing signs of being the future Nike or Reebok.

As far as features are concerned, the company has decided to keep it simple and priced it at a very affordable rate. This is essentially an amateur level hockey helmet and face guard that should be good enough for those just getting into the sport.

Features of the product

• This is a lightweight helmet consisting of a heavy duty wire cage and foam chin cup for all-around protection

• The durable outer shell is lightweight and comes with 3/4 inch foam padding for additional mobility and protection

• Available in two different colors – black and white

• Meet the safety standards set by CSA, HECC, and CE

Customer reviews

Truth be told, this is quite an average product priced ideally to appeal to those looking for a cheaper alternative for hockey helmets. While the Mylec Jr. Helmet with Wire Face Guard isn’t bad by any
means; the quality could have been a bit better. It’s rated 3/5 stars on where one user has praised it while the other has downrated it for misleading advertisement.

What’s our say?

You can go ahead and buy this if you don’t have much money to spend on hockey helmets. But be careful when you’re stepping into the rink though because this helmet cum face guard hasn’t been built to withstand heavy impact.
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6. Reebok 7K Helmet

Reebok 7K Helmet
This product, even though priced at a very affordable level, has been designed to protect against frequent impacts and impacts those are less severe. As far as the reliability goes, people should have no problem
trusting the name Reebok. It is because the company has already earned its mettle all over the world for being one of the top producers of sports gear and equipment.

The features you get in this hockey helmet are quite extraordinary, efficiently touching upon basics yet improving them to the company’s own quality standards. Don’t worry; will tell you exactly what you
are getting out of your money.

Features of the product

• Comes with the new generation Reebok Shell that offers proper ventilation due to the low-profile fit

• It perfectly adjusts and accommodates according to the shape of your head thanks to the EPP floating line at with flexible comfort questions

• MicroDial II allows at 360-degree fit alongside vertical adjustments to hold the helmet perfectly in place while alleviating pressure points

• Thanks to carbon fiber technology, Reebok has revolutionized the helmet market as this gear has been able to provide perfect protection without sacrificing comfort

Customer reviews

Even though there are no customer reviews on this product on, we’ve gone through various other e-commerce sites to gather first-hand information. All we can say that this model received high praise thanks to its adjustability factor and brand value that is available at such an affordable price tag.

What’s our say?

There can be perhaps no better way to spend your money on hockey gear than on reliable products made by renowned companies. The Reebok 11K hockey helmet fits every description of what protective sports gear should be like, making it our fourth pick on this list. We say you get it, and we are sure that you’ll love it.
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7. CCM FitLIte 60

CCM FitLIte 60
This helmet is worthy of standing out in its own right as it features versatile engineered subshell for optimum lightweight protection. It has been designed to deflect different types of impacts efficiently by integrating the company’s groundbreaking R.E.D. technology imbued with its unique comfort liner. Of course, features like this don’t come cheap and certainly not in the level of “cheap” like the other items mentioned in our review.

This helmet is still a great purchase for those who are in high contact sports like hockey and looking to step up their game beyond the ordinary.

Features of the product

• The R.E.D System comprises of liquid bladders placed ideally between the liner and the players head to provide optimum cushioning

• R.E.D was designed with Oblique Technology to minimize rotational acceleration of the head right after an impact

• The high-grade EPP boosted with lycra laminated cushions ensure a greater level of protection and extreme comfort

• The shell quality is of high-density PE variety and provides the option to choose from customizable colors

Customer reviews

This is another product going largely and recognized on, which is sad because this product by CCM deserves way more recognition. You can take our advice and check out reviews from around the web, and we promise that it would be hard for you to find reviews that speak a negative of this protective gear.

What’s our say?

If you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary and have the money to spare, then look no further. The CCM FitLIte 60 Hockey Helmet does exactly what it was designed to do and does so with extreme ease. You can go ahead and order it online from Amazon and have it delivered right to your home.
See? You’ll be able to save some money by not going out, after all.
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8. Easton Stealth S13

Easton Stealth S13
Drawing inspiration on the expertise of the company, this helmet specifically features engineered protection and custom fit that guarantees players comfort and safety to take on anyone on the ice. Continuing in line with the trends of manufacturing super light yet protective gear, the Easton Stealth S13 model brings all the goodness that the company set the standards for itself and much more.

What’s even better is the fact that this hockey is available in different sizes, all coming in different prices set accordingly. Take a look at the features, and then you can decide whether to buy or not.

Features of the product

• This hockey helmet has been engineered with Giro inspired Fit system for optimum comfort and protection

• Get a low-profile look with the advantages of full coverage polypropylene foam liner for multi-impact durability

• The Giro fit system combines the goodness of plush bedding for excellent reliability and comforts that are best in class

• This product also has outstanding crush resistant properties

Customer reviews

This hockey helmet has been designed keeping the needs of players in mind, at least that’s what we can figure out from reading the customer reviews on It has an average rating of 4.8/5 stars,
meaning that it is certainly worthy of purchase and fits the bill of being the ideal protective gear.

The reviewers are especially in praise of how light this helmet weighs and the greater degree of flexibility that allows it to fit heads of different sizes and shapes almost perfectly.

What’s our say?

Our goal is to bring you the reviews of the best products in the market, and this certainly fits the criteria of being a worthy addition. Go ahead and buy it at your own leisure, we promise you won’t regret the decision.
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9. Easton E200 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

Easton E200
This hockey helmet from Easton is one of their best products, and it consists of many features that can be found on other items. This model features full coverage foam liner with PC and HDPE shell and subshell
respectively to provide optimum multi-impact durability. For those with a regular budget and not too many demands, this is the ideal product.

Features of the product

• Get full might impact durability thanks to the revolutionary EPP foam liner that would keep your head safe from sticks and puck impacts

• Giro inspired Fit when combined with plush padding, provides for excellent stability and top notch comfort that is hard to beat

• This is a lightweight helmet that focuses on performance and has still managed to retain excellent crush resistant properties

• Complies with standards set by CSA, HECC, and CE

Customer reviews

This product is moderately popular, and that is all that we could gather from browsing various review sites and e-commerce pages like While getting a first-hand experience of using this hockey helmet could have been better, we can only say that this is a decent purchase at the moment.

Sure, the price isn’t too extravagant, and you get a choice in three color designs, but customer opinion regarding this product is yet to stabilize.

What’s our say?

Mmm… You can try this out if you like if the other 9 products mentioned in this article don’t pique your fancy. However, be prepared for unwelcome surprises if you’re planning on using this hockey helmet in a serious game. All being said and done, this isn’t too bad of a purchase and is definitely worth a try.
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10. Mission Hockey 1505

Mission Hockey 1505
On our quest to find the best hockey helmets, we ended up with a long list of entry-level collections that are fit for every pocket size. This product comes in the entry-level category as it manages to include all the
bare necessities, provide a good amount of protection, and that too without costing you a fortune.

So, what exactly are the features that make this model worth buying? Well, for starters this one consists of two piece Shell offering a greater level of adjustability for additional protection and comfort. Keep on
reading to know more.

Features of the product

• Consists of two piece Shell that brings the desired level of protection as well as

• The ventilation system of this helmet is excellent and is designed to keep your
head cool

• Get full face protection thanks to the RBE III cage that’s nonintrusive to sight

• The liner on the helmet is comprised of vinyl nitrile foam that provides greater

• Meets the standards set by CSA, HECC, and CE

Customer reviews

While we feel that this model is perfect for entry-level players, the stats on don’t offer much regarding evidence. This product is yet to be marketed properly on that platform, which is why it has
only for customer reviews but all having 5/5 stars. Even though this may not be the yardstick of measuring quality and efficiency, we’d be more than happy to give it the benefit of the doubt.

What’s our say?

This product is as good as we’ve made it sound and it’s available for sale right now on Sure, you can go ahead and take a look at other websites for reviews, but we can guarantee that whatever you find will be mostly positive. Go ahead and place the order if you are ready and willing to purchase.
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