Best Hockey Gloves

While hockey may be a fun game overall, not having the right gear can produce disastrous effects. No, we’re not trying to scare you into buying things you don’t need. The purpose of this article is to give you a list of the best hockey gloves you can buy right now. Similar to other equipments, hockey gloves also serve their purpose of protecting your hands.

From hockey sticks, flying pucks, a fall or injury, this is a vital piece of equipment can potentially save your career from that one major accident. It’s okay if you’re wondering “but how do I know these are the best
products?” Relax, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Top 10 hockey gloves to look out for this season

1. Fischer Hockey SX9 Pro Gloves

Fischer Hockey SX9 Pro Gloves
Available in select sizes, this pair of hockey gloves looks a good in design and feels great to wear. As far as its purpose is concerned, which is to offer protection, you might not find any other product that is as competitively priced as this one. What’s even better is that you also get a choice to pick from six different color layouts.

Best features

· Get a complete pro like feeling when wearing these gloves as its palm is made from Clarino, reinforced with Digitech material

· The removal hyper- lock thumb gives you a pro like feeling while holding the puck and overall greater durability when you’re moving around

· Fischer cool tech lining provides faster drying to eliminate the effects of humidity, in turn making the glove more comfortable to wear

· And to top it all, this pair ways extremely light thanks to the weave cable knit reinforcing its body

Customer reviews and verdict

The lower pricetag of this product is what separates this hockey club from many others in the market. Additionally, those looking for amateur grade gloves can buy the lowest priced item and still feel like they’re wearing something made for the pros. You wouldn’t want to miss this chance of getting yourself this product from Fischer Hockey
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2. Tour Thor V5 Hockey Gloves

Tour Thor V5 Hockey Gloves
Last but not the least; we’ve got you a great product to end this list with a bang! This pair of hockey gloves starts at a very low price point but still manages to offer something to keep everyone happy. These hockey gloves are available in both youth and adult sizes as well.

Best features

· The overall making consists of a 6G lightweight woven covered that’s been designed to offer greater protection

· The embroidered cuff role alongside full density either form makes for a complete protection kit for your hands and fingers while not sacrificing mobility

· The guard sheeting and suede palm offers tremendous flexibility as well as the comfort needed for the hands to stay breathable in humid conditions

Customer opinion and verdict

Near to 80% people on have spoken in favor of its fit, meaning there is great chance you will need to switch out this product for anything else. It also has a high customer rating of 4.6/5 Stars, making it the best product on our list if you only keep the public opinion in mind.

You don’t need to hear more, what you need to do is go right ahead and order it to see the hockey gloves features yourself.
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3. STX Stallion 500 Ice Hockey Gloves

STX Stallion 500 Ice Hockey gloves
This product may not be too overwhelming in terms of features, but certainly worth checking out given its price point factor and qualities. You can buy it in four different color combos from and have it shipped directly to your home. In regards to features, keep reading to find out more.

Best features

· This pair comes with the patented Power Fit technology that evenly balances standard tapered profile with a wider backhand to provide advanced mobility

· The tapered fingers will allow you to make dynamic responses while the M2 Knuckle maximizes your overall range of motion due to its open stitching

· The Cable Flex Thumb is another exclusive feature that provides hyper- lock thumb to give you greater protection and control all around

Customer opinion and verdict

With exceptional exclusive features and fantastic price range, this pair of hockey gloves are a must buy if you are looking for something beyond the ordinary.
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4. Warrior Senior Covert DT2

Warrior Senior Covert DT2
For those who are playing in the big leagues and desires nothing but the best, these hockey gloves made by Warrior should be the best choice. This product is perfectly priced at a rate that should be affordable by anyone. You, however, should consider taking a look at this because of its advanced features.

Best features

· The covert taper fit ensures that the gloves perfectly adapt to your hand’s shape

· Offers grip dots and abrasion overlays along with duo lam foam for outstanding protection to your hands

· The outer shell has been made using durable Tufftek with PU accents

· You remain cool, dry, and odor free thanks to the chillwave polygiene material that is no less then revolutionary in dozens of aspects

Customer opinion and verdict

Even though this brand may be lesser known among many other popular competitors, people who have used it are in praise of its remarkable flexibility elements. If you truly desire gear that would prep you for the big games, then you’re looking at your next purchase.
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5. Mylec Ultra Pro II

Mylec Ultra Pro II
For those seeking a more advanced variant of hockey gloves, this might just be the ideal choice. Available in a single white color, this pair makes up in substance what it lacks for style. No, that’s not to say these gloves are bad looking – it’s just that its benefits lie elsewhere.

Product features

· This item is the brand’s top-of-the-line product that is lightweight and highly comfortable to wear

· It boasts of a streamlined design complete with an adjustable wrist roll to give you the secure fit needed to perform during the game

· Apart from the white color variant, this pair also clearly boasts of the brand logo to make for an interesting choice in design

· Comfortable foam padding has ensured all round safety of your fingers and wrist

Customer reviews and verdict

Some of the complaints we read on were about the size and fitting being too small. So, make sure you pay attention to selecting the proper size before ordering. As far as comfort and utility go, it’s very likely that you may find a whole lot of options as good as this one in the same price range.

There’s nothing wrong with this pair of hockey gloves; you just need to choose the right size for your hand.
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6. Bauer Nexus 800

Bauer Nexus 800
Coming halfway on our list is this product by Bauer and that boasts to be a cut above the ordinary. What makes it so special? Well it is obviously the features packed within this near to $ 100 hockey gloves that don’t compromise on quality no matter from which angle you look at it.

Best features

· Get the optimum level of protection for your hands with double density foam and poly inserts that’s been designed to keep your fingers safe

· The patented two-piece free Flex Lock thumb gives you better grip over the hockey stick as well as mobility needed to perform in the match

· The shell of this model is pro-nylon and gives a traditional volume fit

· The palm of the glove has been made of Pro Clarino Ivory Nash with the calf being pro-segmented and line at having Thermo Max

Customer opinion and reviews

Even though not many people have brought this item on, the features of this product clearly speak of its value. You can buy this in five different color combinations and have it shipped directly to
your home. This is overall an awesome product with one complain being that it may wear out quickly, as spoken by a customer.
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7. Bauer Supreme 150

Bauer Supreme 150
Durable, stylish, and coming in multiple colors, this pair of gloves made by Bauer consists of every future and amateur hockey player would need. Made from the finest quality material, this item has brand name as well as features to pull off an incredible feat. And the rating on does indeed do justice.

Product features

· Made of dual density foam, this pair of gloves promises you the required level of comfort to ace on the field

· The construction is ergonomically designed for optimum flexibility, complemented equally by stretch nylon shell for overall better fitting

· The finger area boasts of a two-piece construction form that is widely sought after these days while the liner is of hydrophobic mesh

Customer reviews and verdict

These hockey gloves have been made for amateur to mid-level players and are priced accordingly. One has to admire the design and the company’s desire for perfection that has gone into making this product. Go ahead and check it out on and see the number of positive reviews.

This is one product that should be just right, regardless of your skill level.
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8. Easton Pro 7

Easton Pro 7
Not much is known about the company Easton, but we do know for a fact that they have made a stellar piece of hockey gloves. This is a professional grade model built for those who want to test their limits and would like to have the optimum level of protection for their hands. Some of the best features are as follows.

Best features

· You are assured of an excellent fit with two-piece fingers consisting of beige Nash base into a layer and vented fingers

· The liner has been made to absorb moisture keeping your hands breathable

· Single density foam quite efficiently manages to provide decent comfort and protection, and it is complemented equally by durable polyester fabric shell

Customer reviews and verdict

Available in highly stylish black and red designs, this pair of hockey gloves is the perfect purchase for those who are in a rising stages of hockey. We can assure that you feel confidence every time you step into the game wearing these.
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9. Winnwell GX 4 Junior

Winnwell GX 4 Junior
If you’re looking for something a bit more than basic and yet do not have the budget, take a look at this pair of hockey gloves from Winwell. As the name implies, it is targeted at junior level and amateur hockey players who are just getting the feel of the game but confident to rank up to higher levels.

Best features

· Built to even suit professional level players, this pair has the goodness of dual density foam in the fingers and PE inserts throughout for complete protection

· The inner liner and palms are treated with Cleansport NXT odor technology that keeps smells at bay to make you feel fresh all throughout the day

· The PE inserts shell fabric is of ballistic nylon while the game from time is called as EPP foam

· The size of this model is 12 inches and available in red, black, and white colors

Customer opinion and reviews

We’ve tested this model personally and found it to be as good as some of the hockey gloves mentioned above in our product list. It’s likely you won’t see any reviews on Amazon if you visit the sales page, which is unfortunate because a product like this definitely deserves more recognition.

If you want a pair of hockey gloves that gets the job done at a price half of $ 100, then don’t hesitate to buy this now.
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10. CCM Tacks

CCM Tacks
This product by CCM is perhaps one of the lightest pair of hockey gloves you’ll find in the market right now. But it is worthy of taking note that the company hasn’t sacrificed on any of the products comfort and safety element for the lightweight. Some of the most sought out features are as follows:

Best features

· The QuickLite hockey gloves have been made using Zote foam, which is extremely light and can provide incredible amount of flexibility and comfort

· The super light form is complemented well by the sturdy inserts in the fingers, the backhand, and free Flex cuff for additional protection

· This model also features a one-of-a-kind Flex thumb to give you a greater grip on the hockey stick as well as outstanding protection.

Customer opinion and verdict

This is seriously an awesome product that is worth the money. Even though the price may be slightly on the steeper side, you would be investing in a pair of hockey gloves that are just a delight to wear. You don’t need to think twice to why this; go ahead and order it right away.

Next thing you know, there might not be any stock remaining.
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